Sarah Beran - Fashion Blog

Sarah Beran - Fashion Blog

Styling kids and working with brands are two of my favorite things to do….so when I got the opportunity to collaborate with La Olivia Kids, it was right up my alley!!  

 La Olivia is an ethically manufactured children’s brand headquartered in Lisse, Netherlands.  They have everything from beautiful dresses to tops, sweaters, pants, coats, and even Mini & Me styles!  

As stylist and creative director for this shoot, I immediately had a vision for these adorable dresses.  I wanted to give them a fall feel with a cool, rustic vibe.  After creating the mood board, selecting the models, and scouting the location….it was magical to see my inspiration come alive!

We had the best day (with the cutest little models).  I always like to give a shout out to the wonderful photographers I work with too…Kat Carr worked with me on this one and she is an absolute gem.  I honestly could not have done it without her, and she is so gifted with the camera!  Check out some BTS and the stunning images from this adorable photoshoot!

  la-olivia-kids-2.jpg  la-olivia-kids-5.jpg la-olivia-kids-3.jpg  4X7A9464.JPEG

 la-olivia-kids-4.jpg  la-olivia-kids-6.jpg 

la-olivia-kids-9.jpg la-olivia-kids-11.jpg la-olivia-kids-7.jpg la-olivia-kids-12.jpg

  4X7A9415.jpg la-olivia-kids-13.jpg la-olivia-kids-14.jpg la-olivia-kids.jpg

 4X7A9654.jpg la-olivia-kids-10.jpg

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